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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Knoxville, TN

Although vinyl flooring is not a new product, it has come a long way and is now a luxury item. Thanks to advanced flooring technology, LV flooring looks and feels just like natural hardwood and tile. Its synthetic design makes it perfect for virtually any space, including both residential and commercial settings. Be sure to visit Frazier's Carpet One Floor & Home in Knoxville, TN, to learn more about luxury vinyl. We offer one of the area’s best selections of flooring, including innovative options like vinyl.


Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring is made up of multiple synthetic layers that are carefully placed together into a durable flooring product. This construction helps your floor stand up to everyday challenges and makes it more durable. There are two main types of luxury vinyl, including vinyl planks and vinyl tiles. Luxury vinyl planks look like real hardwood and come in long panels. Luxury vinyl tiles look like natural stone and are available in square and rectangular pieces. Each plank or tile has a top wear layer that prevents fading, scratching, and scuffing, as well as protects the image layer that makes luxury vinyl look like real hardwood and stone. What is even better is that luxury vinyl will not crack, warp, or chip due to stress or changes in weather.


Luxury Vinyl Plank


Made to capture the intricate grain patterns of all your favorite hardwoods, luxury vinyl plank also has amazing performance capabilities. It’s so easy to install and maintain – and best of all, you’ll never stress over life’s little accidents, or the pending possibility of having to refinish or polish. With luxury vinyl plank, it’s easy to enjoy the perks of a manufactured floor, along with the perfect combination of your ideal species style, dimensions, and finishes. Offering up authentic hardwood looks thanks to advances in photo imaging, luxury vinyl plank is also preferred by those who wish to obtain a consistent hardwood look in their kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.


Luxury Vinyl Tile


While ceramic and porcelain tile have long been a traditional flooring favorite for bathrooms and kitchens, the advent of luxury vinyl tile has given us a better way. Life today tends to move at a frantic pace, and most of us have limited time to devote to time-consuming care regimens. With luxury vinyl tile, we don’t have to stress over heavy foot traffic, pet accidents, water leaks, or toppled dishes. Its protective top coat and resilient vinyl backing is designed to hold its own against everyday accidents, leaving no traces behind. Made to manage extreme moisture, some types of luxury vinyl tile are completely waterproof. Unlike traditional tile, there is no messy grouting process required, and all that’s really necessary to keep it looking its best is an occasional sweeping or light mopping.


Is Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?


Luxury vinyl is available in both water-resistant and fully waterproof varieties. Waterproof vinyl flooring can handle multiple pills and moisture exposure without an issue. Your waterproof luxury vinyl floor offers the protection you need, forming a reliable barrier between daily life and your subfloor by trapping moisture at the surface where it can readily be wiped away. These are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and similar areas of your home. Waterproof vinyl planks and tiles are also great for pet owners and busy families with young children. Our waterproof vinyl selection includes top brands like COREtec and Invincible H20.


Where Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed?


Luxury vinyl flooring is simple to install and maintain. It comes with several different installation options. For instance, you can usually install your vinyl floors using a click-lock method where the planks or tiles float above your subfloor or existing floor. You can also install it using a glue-down method, which is ideal for high-traffic, moisture-prone areas. We have commercial-grade vinyl flooring, along with many residential options.



At Frazier’s Carpet One Floor & Home we’re proud to be the area’s most trusted luxury vinyl experts, and we’re always here to guide you throughout the entire process. After all, your new flooring will perform best if it’s carefully situated and properly installed.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection


We are your locally owned flooring store with a great selection of products and services. Whether you want extra wide luxury vinyl planks or a beautiful natural stone vinyl tile floor, we have you covered. Our experts can help you find the perfect floor for any style and budget. We are a member of the largest flooring cooperative in the nation, which allows us to negotiate lower vinyl prices for our customers. We also offer many of the best luxury vinyl brands available. Visit us today to get started on your next flooring project with a free estimate.



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Flooring for Rental Propeties


Luxury vinyl is a top flooring choice for rentals and vacation homes. Durable, easy to care for, and long-lasting, vinyl will keep these spaces beautiful and functional for years to come.



Flooring for Rental Propeties