Types of Carpet

The different types of carpet to consider for your lifestyle

Types of Carpet For Your Home

With a variety of materials, textures, patterns, and colors that can be selected, carpet is arguably the most multifaceted flooring option, and choosing the right type can be overwhelming. Thankfully, your friends at Frazier’s Carpet One are here to help. Allow us to aid you in your search for new floors by informing you about the different styles of carpets to consider, including cut pile, loop pile, and combination. Each style has its own distinct advantages that you need to weigh prior to your selection.

Cut pile carpets are the most popular type of carpet you will find in homes today. This type of carpet is made of yarn that is cut along the ends, and is available in five major styles:

1.       Velvet: An untwisted, non-heat set yarn, this style is incredibly soft to the touch

2.       Cable: A thick yarn that is ideal for creating a loose, informal look

3.       Shag: A long-length yarn that crashes and mats easily and was popular in the 1970’s

4.       Frieze: Highly twisted tufts and surface curls that can be mat-resistant

5.       Saxony: A dense, durable carpet with an even surface of straight fibers

For a carpet that fares better in busy traffic areas, consider the two styles of loop pile carpet.

1.       Level Loop: Provides a smooth and even look because of the loops that make up the carpet that are all the same height.

2.       Multi-Loop Pile: Creates a pattern effect with the different pile heights that make up the style

Combination pile carpet is designed to balance the characteristics of both the cut and loop carpet styles and is a unique hybrid option available in 3 styles.

1.       Random Shear: Uses both cut and uncut loops of different heights to create a luxurious texture

2.       Level and Cut Loop Pile: Gives a unique feel with both cut and loop piles

3.       Tip Shear: Made of the same elements as the random shear only there is not as obvious of a texture.

Are you interested in learning more about different styles of carpets and how they can work with your lifestyle? Visit Frazier’s Carpet One in Knoxville, TN or give us a call at 865-314-8297. A member of our professional staff is excited to work with you at finding the best product for your lifestyle.

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