Hardwood Maintenance

Information on how to properly care for your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Care & Maintenance

As the owner of beautiful hardwood floors, you know care and maintenance are crucial to maintaining the floor’s integrity. Properly taking care of your floors can ensure that you have a gorgeous product that will continue to impress guests for a long time.

Hardwood Care

When caring for your hardwood floor, there are several things you need to be aware of. First, never clean your hardwood floors with a mop and water, because it can damage the integrity of your hardwood. You should also never use wax that needs to be mixed with another element such as oil, soap, or paste wax. If you buy a household cleaner, be sure to check the label to see that it does not contain lemon oil, tung oil, or ammonia. These products can permanently damage your floor by dulling the finish, and will likely invalidate the warranty on your beautiful floors.

Hardwood Maintenance

Since most common cleaners can damage hardwood, you may be wondering, “What CAN I use?” For starters, always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation for what specific products you can and cannot use. Depending on the specific brand and type of flooring, there may be more options for cleaning products. When you have a spill on your hardwood, remove it quickly using a soft cloth and the manufacturer's recommended cleaning product.

Outside of spills, there are preventative measures you can take to minimize the risk of damage to your flooring. Your beautiful hardwood floors may also be sensitive to sharp and heavy objects, so use caution when placing and moving furniture by covering the areas touching the floor with proper padding. Shoes with spikes and heels can also cause damage to your floor, particularly in high-traffic areas. Many pet lovers don’t realize that even the feet of dogs and cats can cause damage to hardwood. Do your best to keep pet nails trimmed and free of dirt to assist in the protection against stains or damage.  

Sometimes worse than chemical cleaners and scrapes, one of the biggest enemies of hardwood floors can be the sun. The dangerous UV rays can age the wood faster and cause discoloration, especially if your floor is in direct sunlight. To help offset this potential issue, it is recommended that furniture is periodically moved to allow for the floor to age evenly. Otherwise, parts of the floor will degrade and be both visually and structurally inferior to other areas.

Any flooring investment you choose for your lifestyle should last several years with minimal wear and tear. With proper care and maintenance, your hardwood can look brand new long after their installation. Here at Frazier’s Carpet One, we are always available to help guide you in the right direction for taking care of your floor. Conveniently located in Knoxville, TN – Frazier’s Carpet One is looking forward to working with you on your flooring needs.

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