The Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring Knoxville, TNConsider the unique and eco-friendly cork flooring

This flooring option provides both comfort and style and is also allergy resistant. Made from the bark of the cork oak tree, this flooring option is a renewable resource with many style choices and benefits.

Unlike the trees used in traditional wood floors, the Cork Oak trees are not chopped down. At around 25 years of age, the bark is harvested from the tree. The gnarly, hardened skin grows back over a decade allowing for multiple harvests throughout the trees life, averaging 150 years. This process leaves the tree unharmed and virtually 100 percent of the cork reaped is used in products like wine corks, cork boards and cork flooring leaving no waste behind.



Cork Flooring Features and Benefits

Cork flooring is…

…a resilient material. It bounces back and won’t permanently indent from the heavy pressure and weight of furniture, appliances, and even high-heel shoes. It stands up to wear and tear in high traffic areas.

…a sound absorber and barrier making it great for rooms with home theaters or surround sound systems.  

…a heat retaining floor reducing energy consumption and costs due to lost heat. It also stays warm to the touch which you will love on a chilly morning.

…water resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and stands up to staining.

…hypoallergenic preventing allergen and dust build-up making it great for bedrooms and living rooms.

…insect and rot resistant. A material called Suberin is added to the cork during processing. This substance repels insects and prevents the cork from rotting.

Best Locations for Cork Flooring

Cork flooring installs anywhere in and outside your home from bathrooms, kitchens, and music rooms to sheds and patios. For outdoor use, make sure the cork is sealed. Stain it a variety of colors to match your furniture and home décor making it an aesthetically pleasing element added to your home.

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