Bamboo Flooring

The benefits you can look forward to with bamboo flooring!

Five Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners due to its strength, beauty, and versatility. Below are some of the advantages you can expect to take advantage of!

Bamboo is Beautiful

This flooring has a unique character. Its detailed notches and smooth finish give an earthy and natural look to your home that is also timeless in its appearance. Just like hardwood, it is difficult for bamboo's look to go out of fashion because it can match with many interior decor themes, from modern and Bohemian to traditional.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly

Since bamboo is one of the fastest growing materials in the world, it can be harvested repeatedly without harming the environment. This makes it a more sustainable flooring option. Therefore, bamboo is perfect for the homeowner who wants to consider the impact he or she is making on the environment.

Bamboo Resembles Hardwood

Bamboo is taken and cut into strips which are then laminated and finished to make it durable. Though bamboo floors look very similar to hardwoods, they are half as likely to expand and contract. This feature makes bamboo a stable flooring option in the home that doesn't involve as many nuisance creaks in different seasons. 

Bamboo is Strong

This material can support heavy furniture and is less likely to be dented from dropped items and high heel stomps. Bamboo is also more resistant to warping and bulging, keeping its look preserved longer and maintaining the value of your home.

Bamboo is Resistant to many Harmful Elements

This flooring is resistant to heat, moisture, insects, and mold. Because water doesn't affect bamboo much, you can use it in bathrooms and kitchens. Because of this, bamboo expands your decorating horizons and opens the potential to some unique themes in rooms that otherwise would be subjected to laminate or tile. Since bamboo can also handle high temperatures, it is great for kitchens. Finally, being naturally resistant to insects and mold means you will have fewer pests and mold growth in your home as well.

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